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      2. WARRANTY


        Firearth warrants that the knife will be free from defects in material and workmanship; representative will repair it or replace it without charge.

        If you choose to replace the knife, FIREARTH may replace it with the same model or one of equal value. The original knife must be shipped to our appointed address.

        Repairs to your knife performed by any source other than unconditionally voids the knife's warranty.

        Modifying the knife will void the warranty.

        does not cover repairs if a knife was misused. (Throwing, ETC)

        If a knife fails to function as it was designed to be used for. Please contact our representatives (see the information below).

        If a problem with a returned knife is determined not to be caused by the manufacturer. It will not be accepted for warranty work.

        Blade or edge, throwing, Broken tip from prying or dropping, chipped edge or broken serrations, destroyed edge due to improper sharpening, rust due to neglect or other blade issues. FIREARTH will not be able to replace your blades

        If you are missing any hardware please contact our representatives for replacements.


        In the USA: Rod@firearth.com
        In Europe: Rod@firearth.com

        *Reviewing requests

        FIREARTH get a lot of requests from reviewers all over the world, to provide knives for reviewing purpose. Once FIREARTH got your request, FIREARTH will take the overall circumstances into our evaluation process and then let you know if FIREARTH approve you as part of a pass round. When you are making request, please make sure your email subject as “Reviewing request” so it can be quickly detected and responded. All these requests are managed by our Service office in Europe and Service office in USA. You can contact the Service office bye-mail:Rod@firearth.com if you are from Eruope. and contact Rod@firearth.com if you are from USA .

        *Press Requests

        FIREARTH also get a lot of requests for providing samples of our products for reviews for magazines, weblogs and other media. Please direct your request to our European Service Office/ USA Service Office and provide us with the following information: -What kind of media are you from? -Which group of readers do you reach with your publications and how many? Do you influence the decisions to purchase products of your readers with your publications? -What is the language of your publications and where are your readers located (or which countries)? -Can you send a sample of your publications? -What's the purpose of your request? -Are there any local resellers of our products in your country present?

        *Small dealers in Europe

        If you are a small dealer in Europe and you want to order small quantities of FIREARTH products, and there is no local distribution partner available, you may contact our European Service Office: Rod@firearth.com. Please make sure you have "Small Dealer Request" in the subject line of the message. Please include all your data concerning your business like website, address, vat number et cetera.

        You are always welcome to contact at any time: Rod@firearth.com Please do not hesitate to let us know if you need any help from us.

        KNIFE CARE:

        FIREARTH knives are high-performance cutting tools made from some of the finest materials in the world. Most of our blade steels have a very high carbon content which enables them to hold a superior cutting edge. Unfortunately, carbon is also the element that causes rust, so preventive care is required if the knife is used in humid or marine environments. To aid in the cleaning of rust on the blades, FIREARTH recommend using a fine grade, semi-chrome polish.

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